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5 Questions to Set Intention for your Best Aspen Vacation Yet

With the fall dwindling into the past
and our clocks set back to preserve daylight, the quiet nature of Aspen in November provides an opportunity to reflect and set intentions for the coming winter season. This is an important practice of betterment. It is a time to evaluate what was, to re-align values and priorities, and to prepare to be better, if only a little.

SkyRun intends to serve you better this year. Here are a few of the ways we want to grow this winter. Following, a few questions to guide your search to better heighten your winter experience on your next Aspen trip.

We will support local business with more seriousness. Local matters, these are our friends, our family, our teachers, and our yoga teachers. We all do better when one of us does better. That’s why this year we are partnering with 100% local businesses to offer you special products, discounts, or just to tell you where to get the absolute message or meal. We don’t ask for kickbacks, we will just want the best. For them, and for you.

We will be available more. We always pride ourselves on 24-hour access and care, but this winter, we will take that to a new level, ensuring we are there to help you pick the best dinner spot, book a slay ride, or meet your favorite local at any time.

We will be a better guide. We are now formalizing our own local app to help you find your own way around town. And we will get you access before you arrive, and be available for personal one on one info as well to ensure you get the most out of your Aspen experience from the moment you touch down.

It’s not a long list we admit, but it’s a good one. And focus yields results.

Now it’s your turn. Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself when thinking about your future trip to Aspen to help you get the most out of your experience:
  1. What run will you conquer this vacation for the first time?
  2. What new restaurant will you choose to push your palate and help you discover new tastes?
  3. What world-class "Aspen free" experiences will you take advantage of this trip? Mountaintop yoga, the Aspen Art Museum, Karaoke Night?
  4. How will you get outside your comfort zone and discover something new?
  5. What time-honored tradition will you invite your family or friends to join you on?

...Time to SMILE WIDEfor Aspen 2018

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